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Valerie Bachman

Holistic Therapist, Mandala Hills


About Valerie

Valerie has been a Holistic Therapist since 2000.  Her journey has taken multiple therapeutic paths, opening the possibilities of alternative healing and the importance, integrity and dedication for well-being.  She developed Mandala Hills, a retreat center where she offers her healing modalities, and where Morgan Grace often facilitates Alchemy's intensives and retreats.  Through their friendship and shared passion for this work, Valerie and Morgan organically discovered that teaming up during these retreats provides a potent and transformative collaboration for clients seeking our services.


Experience and Expertise

Valerie's passion for wellness continues to support her curiosity to discover clients paths and quests for inner balance and harmony.  Utilizing sacred sounds, the subconscious, emotional, physical, mental and energetic modalities, Valerie serves as a compass guiding others intuitively towards, into and thru the map of their life.  Valerie has completed a multitude of fascinating therapeutic programs and certifications in order to maintain knowledge, experience and compassion for her work. 
She strives to both educate and help clients heal themselves while becoming aware of their own potential. This empowers them to live better and healthier lives.


Explore Our Collaborative Healing Retreats

Check out our intensives and retreats page to read more about the exciting collab between Mandala Hills and Alchemy Collective, and the myriad of healing options available should you be interested in visiting this beautifully intentional space.


Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey?

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