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Tamar Silberman

MA, MSc, DiplOM Licensed Acupuncturist

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A journey of empowerment and transformation

The body wants to heal & Life wants to live.

My work is to help and guide the body to awaken to its healing potential.  In my sessions patients feel a deep relaxation and connection to their body, some feel more.

We focus on what is working, what is strong, what is healthy and alive and guide that to the places of pain and disharmony. I allow the body to decide.  I allow life-force (Qi) to go free.  I have no agenda other than a strong intention to listen and support.

Experience and Expertise

In my own health journey, I have contended with MS (multiple sclerosis) and deep depression.  To say the least, mainstream approaches to health and healing kept me sick and a victim of circumstance and I wanted to get better. 


In response, I journeyed into the realm of many alternative healing modalities and found such a profoundly different experience— full of wonder, empowerment, and a longing to just keep getting better and better and better. 


That is what I bring to you as a practitioner.  I make no promises to the level of health and healing you will achieve, but I can tell you, you will be transformed.

I chose to study and dedicate myself to Chinese medicine because it is fascinating and brilliant.  It offers great treatment tools, lifestyle recommendations, philosophy, and more.  It is a powerful healing tradition that connects us to life. 

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Credentials and Approach

  • I hold a Texas license in Acupuncture and am a member of the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) since 2010. 

  • I received a Master’s in East Asian Medicine from The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) in 2010 and practiced in Israel for several years. I am also a registered Hatha Yoga instructor and have studied other energy-centered healing modalities.

  •  I hold a Master’s degree in Sociology focused on medical sociology, where I explored different systems of medicine as well as many perceptions of health, healing, and disease. 


I continue to study and grow my knowledge and capacity to help people.  I welcome difficult cases and look forward to helping you!

Acupuncture for the mind

I also offer a cognitive technique, The Work of Byron Katie, which I call “acupuncture for the mind.” Read below to learn more!

Create a new relationship with your thoughts

You can LOVE every single thought you have and look forward to challenges and difficulties.

Create new pathways that actually serve you

With this simple technique, new synapses are made, and the mind can quiet down and become a friendlier counterpart

Learn it, then use it anytime, anywhere

I teach it to you so that you don't need me, and can integrate this practice into every part of  your life. 

What I can help with

I provide treatment for the following symptoms:

Health Related

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Fatigue & Brain Fog

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Physical Symptoms

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Nervous System Regulation

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Chronic Pain & Illness

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Adolescent Issues

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Ready to start your healing journey?

Here's how I can help:




Experience the ancient art of acupuncture, a holistic healing practice that harmonizes your body's energy flow. Our licensed acupuncturist, Tamar Silberman, M.A., M.Sc., DiplOM, brings years of expertise to help you find balance, relieve pain, and enhance your overall well-being. Discover the power of acupuncture as it gently restores your body's natural harmony and vitality.


Combined Treatment

Experience the perfect synergy of mind and body healing with our combined treatment option. Begin with "The Work" by Byron Katie, a transformative cognitive and meditative technique that empowers your mind. Then, harmonize your body's energy and well-being with the ancient healing art of acupuncture by Tamar Silberman. Together, these therapies offer a holistic approach to help you achieve profound balance and lasting wellness.


The work

Unlock your mind's potential for transformation with "The Work" - a cognitive and meditative technique offered by Tamar Silberman. Through this simple yet powerful practice, you'll learn to manage, reduce, and eliminate stressful thoughts and beliefs, ultimately achieving greater peace and clarity in your life. Embrace every thought as an opportunity for personal growth, and start your journey toward a more balanced and harmonious mind.

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Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey?

Connect with us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a more empowered, vibrant life.

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