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Tamar Silberman 
MA, MSc, DiplOM
Licensed Acupuncturist

My Story

The two guiding principles I work with are:


The body wants to heal & Life wants to live.


My work is to help and guide the body to awaken to its healing potential.  In my sessions patients feel a deep relaxation and connection to their body, some feel more.


We focus on what is working, what is strong, what is healthy and alive and guide that to the places of pain and disharmony.

I allow the body to decide.  I allow life-force (Qi) to go free.  I have no agenda other than a strong intention to listen and support.

In my own health journey, I have contended with MS (multiple sclerosis) and deep depression.  To say the least, mainstream approaches to health and healing kept me sick and a victim to circumstance and I wanted to get better.  And so, I journeyed into the realm of many alternative healing modalities and found such a profoundly different experience.  I found an experience full of wonder, empowerment, and a longing to just keep getting better and better and better.  That is what I bring to you as a practitioner.  I make no promises to the level of health and healing you will achieve, but I can tell you, you will be transformed.


I chose to study and dedicate myself to Chinese medicine because it is fascinating and brilliant.  It offers great treatment tools, lifestyle recommendations, philosophy and more.  It is a powerful healing tradition that connects us to life. 


I also offer a cognitive technique, The Work of Byron Katie, which I call “acupuncture for the mind.”  With this simple technique that I practice with you and teach you how to use, new synapses are made, and the mind can quiet down and become a friendlier counterpart.  You can LOVE every single thought you have and look forward to challenges and difficulties.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen in less time than you could ever imagine.


To those who connect with what I have written, you may also be open to receiving what I have to give.  Please feel free to connect with me and see if I can take part in your health and healing journey.


I hold a Texas license of Acupuncture and also a member of the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) since 2010.  I received a Master’s in East Asian Medicine from The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) in 2010 and practiced in Israel for several years. I am also a registered Hatha Yoga instructor and have studied other energy centered healing modalities.


I hold a Master’s degree in Sociology focused on medical sociology, where I explored different systems of medicine as well as many perceptions of health, healing and disease. 


I continue to study and grow my knowledge and capacity to help people.  I welcome difficult cases and look forward to helping you!


Tamar offers the following services:



Initial consult 90 min $135

60 min $135 

90 min $190 - this session offers a longer treatment option and greater in-depth lifestyle counseling in yoga and qi gong exercises, breathing techniques and other appropriate recommendations.


The Work 

1 hr of practicing and learning The Work, a cognitive and meditative technique to manage/reduce/eliminate stressful thoughts and beliefs, that is simple and very effective!

60 min $115



120 min (1 hr of The Work + 1 hr of Chinese medicine) $250

A wonderful, transformational mind/body treatment.


* Packages available for all treatment options at a discounted rate.

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