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Upcoming Events

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Family Secrets

This group was designed to help support folks who have discovered family secrets that have shaken the foundation of their identity.  These issues can include discovering news around donor conception (NPE/MPE), adoption, affairs, and more.

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The Work by Byron Katie - 4 Week Groups

Facilitated by our amazing acupuncturist and facilitator of The Work method, this 4 week workshop will help folks explore and change their relationships with their thoughts.  Individuals can sign up for the month or try one session at a time.  Email Tamar at to learn more or reserve your spot today.

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Through A New Lens-Process Group for Teens

Led by Kealan Muth, LPC-A, NCC, this group offers an opportunity for teens to come together over the summer and process life stressors and issues with their peers in a safe, supportive environment.

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