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Individualized + Integrative Therapeutic 
Intensives & Retreats

For individuals, couples, families & groups



Are you feeling stuck?

Morgan Grace currently offers processing intensives and retreats for trauma resolution, dissociative experiences, substance use, and chronic pain/health issues at either our downtown location or at a beautiful, remote space called Mandala Hills in the heart of the Hill Country. 


Healing tailored to you

Depending on the goals for the intensive, they can last from two-hour long sessions up to five full days of intensive healing work.  Intensives and retreats are a great way to tackle stuck points and challenges you've reached that doesn't seem to be resolving through talk therapy or other approaches. 


An immersive experience

Our retreats offer a rejuvenating experience, with options to stay overnight in a tranquil cabin surrounded by nature or downtown at nearby hotels and Airbnb options. Unplug from day-to-day stressors and immerse yourself in healing.

  • What is an intensive?
    An intensive consists of extended therapy sessions, tailored to your nervous system's "sweet spot" for processing time. Ranging from 90-minute blocks to 6 hours a day, we offer up to five consecutive days of intensive work. Packages are available for 15 hours, 20 hours, or 25 hours of work.
  • Why choose an intensive?
    Intensives allow you to accelerate your healing journey with focused, uninterrupted time to explore and transform. Alchemy's intensive retreats provide an opportunity to dive deep into your goals and release old wounds and beliefs. From substance use to depression, anxiety, OCD, dissociative experiences, complex trauma, grief and loss, and chronic pain and health issues, this format offers profound insights and breakthroughs.

How Intensives Work:

1 | Set intention

Plan your journey with 2-3 planning sessions to establish focus and internal resources.

2 | Schedule

Carve out time for your healing, and choose from our downtown location or a retreat space outside the city.  

3 | Immersive Sessions

Experience a blend of modalities, including the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), somatic processing, trauma-conscious movement, EMDR, IFS, energy work, sound and more.

4 | Integration & Maintenance

Follow-up with 2-3 integration sessions to reinforce insights and gains. Continued therapy referrals are available for ongoing growth.

Additional offerings, customized to your needs

Alongside intensive work, you can explore additional healing modalities with the Alchemy team:

Trauma Conscious Yoga


Qi Gong

Craniosacral Therapy

Sound Baths

Vibroacoustic Soundbed


Nervous System Regulation


It's time to unlock your deepest healing

Right now is the moment you have been waiting for. If you feel the call, this is for you.

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