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Delaney Malloy

Social Media Manager

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About Delaney

Hello! My name is Delaney Malloy and over the last few months I joined the Alchemy Collective team as their social media manager.


I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a major in Psychology and I am passionate about understanding the intricacies of the human mind and emotions. During this semester off before pursuing my masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I'm diving headfirst into the world of social media, using its power to spread awareness and destigmatize conversations around mental health.


Therapy has been a transformative force in my own life, so I hope to one day provide that level of care for others. My journey is fueled by the belief that therapy should be a safe space for everyone, so I am honored to be able to begin that journey with Alchemy Collective and its team!

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