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Natasha Castellon

LMSW—Supervised by Morgan Grace, LCSW-S, LCDC, CCTP-II, EMDR, TCYM

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My Story

Hello! I am so grateful to meet you. Whether you are seeking therapy for the first time or continuing on a well-worn path of growth, I am honored at this opportunity to walk with you toward deeper exploration and empowerment of self. 


I grew up in sunny Southern California and made my way to Texas to pursue my Master of Science in Social Work. In my windy journey from Anthropologist to Therapist, I have continuously dedicated myself to supporting, advocating with, and learning from those seeking to carve new paths of hope for themselves and their communities. I have served in nonprofit spaces, trauma treatment programs, county substance use recovery programs, and college mental health. Each step of the way, I have found deeper and deeper joy in joining with others during life’s inevitable times of uncertainty, moments of hardship, and encounters with tragedy and opposition. 

Experience and Expertise

My background and experiences have allowed me to specialize in working with those experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, identity development, family-of-origin trauma, religious trauma, disordered eating, interpersonal violence, and dissociative disorders, particularly Dissociative Identity Disorder. I am a Licensed Master of Social Work in the state of Texas and work with teens, young adults, adults, and couples. 


I believe that much of the healing process is tapping into our own unique places of power and resilience. As a multi-racial Latina born in a border city, I deeply value the role identity, culture, and environment plays in this process. I have a foundational therapeutic orientation grounded in Person-Centered and Relational-Cultural approaches and aim to root my clinical practice in anti-oppressive frameworks. In cultivating a holistic practice, I frequently incorporate aspects of Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, developmental neurobiology, somatic approaches, and Attachment Theory into my clinical work. My goal is to support you in integrating all aspects of your person  - mind, body, spirit, and emotions - toward greater connection and embodiment.

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We as human beings thrive in spaces of connectedness— both to ourselves and those around us.

As a trauma survivor myself, I know first-hand that healing doesn’t happen in isolation. It takes incredible courage to seek support, and even more courage to welcome another into the places where we may feel the most vulnerable. I commit to honoring you in the fullness of who you are and cultivating a safe place for you to land at every step of your journey. Together, we will meet you where you’re at while nurturing the seeds of where you hope to be. ​

What I can help with

I provide treatment for the following symptoms:

Grief and Loss

Women's issues & mental health


Neurodiverse Experiences


Describe one of your services

Ready to start your healing journey?

Here's how I can help:



DID specialty

Discover hope and healing on your journey towards integration and wholeness. Natasha Castellon specializes in treating Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), providing expert guidance and support. With her compassionate and comprehensive approach, you'll explore the intricate landscape of your inner world, work towards improved co-consciousness, and find empowerment in your healing process.


Somatic Trauma Work

Embark on a transformative healing journey through Somatic Trauma Work with Natasha Castellon. This specialized approach helps you reconnect with your body and release deeply held trauma. Natasha's compassionate guidance empowers you to navigate and heal the physical and emotional imprints of trauma, fostering a renewed sense of safety and well-being.


Complex PTSD specialty

Natasha Castellon specializes in addressing Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), offering tailored support to those navigating its unique challenges. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of C-PTSD, Natasha provides a safe space for you to heal, develop resilience, and regain control over your life. Explore a holistic path to recovery and discover the strength within you.

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Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey?

Take the first step today, towards the tomorrow you want to see.

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