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Hands Up

Individual healing ripples into the collective.  Your next level transformation is here and now.

“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” -Viktor Frankl

Multidimensional Treatment

We offer highly individualized programs to address your goals, whether that looks like weekly sessions or one one one intensive retreats

When you step into our healing space, you are likely hoping to process difficult experiences that impact your ability to live your best life, when you are struggling to plug in to your power, and when you feel you have lost sight of who you are amidst the curveballs life can bring.    

We see you as a unique individual, not a diagnostic label.

We are privileged to walk alongside you in this process as you witness the strengths you had all along.

We specialize in complex trauma, with additional​ training in problematic substance use, depression, anxiety. We  pull from modalities such as the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), EMDR, IFS based work, art therapy, trauma conscious yoga, ACT, DBT, and other mindful and somatic based approaches. We are also honored to offer trauma intensive sessions.

Our main office is located at 805 W 10th St, within walking distance of Whole Foods, Waterloo Records and BookPeople.  You also have the option to engage in your healing at Mandala Hills - a beautiful retreat space located in Southwest Austin.  No matter your preference, downtown or serene nature...we have your vibe covered!



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