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Clinical Supervision

Morgan Grace is a State Board approved clinical supervisor for Licensed Master Social Workers in pursuit of obtaining the required hours of both clinical work and supervision necessary for full licensure. 


She specializes in acute and complex trauma, dissociative experiences, including DID, addiction, and working with misattributed parentage experiences (MPE).

Morgan is an EMDRIA certified EMDR therapist, a certified clinical trauma professional, trauma conscious yoga provider, and extensively trained in parts work/ego state work. Morgan is a certified CRM practitioner and assistant trainer, and has worked as a consultant with therapists nationally and internationally in the use of CRM, parts work, and complex trauma cases. Morgan is the founder of Alchemy Collective, a group practice in downtown Austin. In addition to our downtown spaces, she offers one on one and small group intensive therapy retreats at a space called Mandala Hills, where she works with clients in a yurt set on 10 acres in the serene Hill Country.


LMSWs who hope to specialize in working with complex trauma cases, DID experiences, and want to hone their skills in working with parts and navigating the mind/body connection could benefit from her experience and skill sets in a clinical supervision environment. LMSWs who are a good fit for Alchemy Collective's offerings will also have the opportunity to see clients in a private pay based holistic group practice.

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